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247: Matcha Sundae (Ajisen)

Ordered this matcha sundae ($4) from Ajisen just the other day when I dropped by Ajisen with some of my working colleagues. Was feeling full so I decided not to go for a main meal. Desserts was the way to go then.

Wanted something green tea so I ordered this matcha sundae. It wasn’t too bad but it was nothing to scream about either! The green tea taste was there but it wasn’t rich and flavourful enough. The sundae had a smooth lovely texture, similar to the 70 cents vanilla cone from Mcdonald’s.

I was surprised to see that the matcha sundae came on top of a small pile of cornflakes. Me love cornflakes and I think it’s Nestle cornflakes. Nestle cornflakes are the “best” brand for plain old cornflakes because I love the crunch of the flakes. And surprisingly, the matcha sundae when mixed with the cornflakes goes terribly well together!


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