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250: Relish (Cluny Court)

After the really delicious lunch at Cedele last Tuesday, I met up with the girls at Relish for dinner. J has been wanting to try Relish for ages and to satisfy her cravings, we decided to have our (yet another) spontaneous girls’ night out at Relish. Previously, I was introduced to Relish by another friend of mine and I remembered that we did not try the beef burgers there! We ordered some seafood burger and some chicken burger to share, if I’m not wrong.

After the all vegetarian burger at Cedele that afternoon, I was getting a little sick of eating burgers. But I didn’t want to be a wet blanket, so I decided on the beef burger after much consideration! I thought both my meals were really indulgent that day! But oh well, it’s only for one day.

I ordered the Blue Cheese and William Pear Beef Burger ($16.50 for 150g beef patty) and I had my beef in medium well.

The burger was good! I mean, yes, I would definitely pay slightly more for my beef burger (since the burgers at Carl’s Junior weren’t that fantastic either). The beef was thick and succulent! And I love the over generous supply of greens (yes my rocket, my arugula!). Besides the salad side which I chose (over fries, obviously), I had quite a handful of arugula in my burger too! My pals commented that I was practically drowning in veggies (which I love and don’t mind, of course). I was pretty alright with the blue cheese in the burger, the taste wasn’t overpowering. I could still tolerate it! And I love that there was a spread of walnut butter on one side of the burger bun! Yummy, I love nut butter!

A friend tried the char siew open sandwich! I don’t have any pictures for it. But there were a few ‘slabs’ of char siew (pork) and generous drizzle of char siew sauce over the pork. I tasted it and it was nice! But probably too rich for me at that moment.

Yes, do try Relish. I want to try Burger Bench and Bar too, their other burger outlet at Cineleisure Orchard. It’s the economical version of Relish!

Yes, my week 0 has just gone by, just like that. They cheated us of our holidays since we were made to go down to school on 3 out of 5 days this week and full days (from 8 to 5pm) somemore! Tomorrow will be stay home day for me. I’m going to do some baking! School is officially starting next week and I have so much to worry about. Honours project (FYP) and more! Shall throw those bothersome thoughts aside for now.

Throat was feeling dry and scratchy and irritating since yesterday. Had the longest safety orientation briefing in school yesterday and I just didn’t feel right. Today, the sore throat feeling was still there, dry and scratchy feeling. And the nose was irritating me. Oh wells, I sense something HUGE coming my way. During the 6 weeks of attachment, I did not fall ill and I’m starting to fall ill only now right after the stressful attachment and a few days before school starts! Weird me.. 😦 I need to get well soon.


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