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252: Brazilian Nut and Linseed Spread!

It was really random. I was out shopping at NTUC yesterday afternoon when I was browsing the racks of health and organic food. This jar caught my eye! I was looking at Adam’s natural peanut butter earlier on and was pondering whether to get it but decided against it because I still had a bottle of Skippy “Unnatural” peanut butter. But this was different!

It’s brazil nut and linseed spread! It’s all natural also, you have to mix the top oil layer with the bottom chunky nut layer until it resembles a spread! Brazil nuts are rich in selenium and a selenium-rich diet is good for acne prone skin too! The label read that one shouldn’t exceed 2x10g servings per day!

I was planning to spread it on toast for breakfasts! But I decided to put it into good use first by making a new batch of granola. I haven’t made granola for ages and since school was starting soon, I wanted to make some for breakfast on some days too.

And I just heard a piece of exciting news from Mummy! She was telling me that she saw that Rail Mall has Cedele! I’m so happy! That is terrific news! But I tried goggling it online but couldn’t find any news about the Cedele Rail Mall outlet. Well, I hope it’s true.

Edit: YES! I saw the huge orange Cedele sign over at Rail Mall just now! HURRAYS to yummy and healthy breads, cakes and sandwiches/burgers from Cedele! I want to try the cakes, especially the famous carrot cake!

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