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258: I’m a Bumblebee!

I’ve not been updating this space for 2 weeks. I’ve been really very busy these past few weeks. School and the honours year project is draining all my energy away. I haven’t taken a proper rest and I forsee that I wouldn’t be able to take until March next year. Alright, after March next year, I’ll still be busy busy busy. But probably a bit better, after the project is done and I can better concentrate on my other modules and of course, graduation in May/June/July. Time flies.

Today’s a public holiday so I have just a little more time today to do some random stuff. Just thought I’ll share some interesting things in my life although it has been rather boring and dull and monotonous the past 2 weeks!

The business canteen over in my school has a new food outlet and it’s selling Korean food and it’s rather authentic. I did hear that it’s opened by Korean ahjummas. One late morning last week, after class, we dropped by for lunch and was impressed. It was good canteen food! But a pity that it’s pretty far from my faculty and I have only probably this last year to eat it before I graduate!

I had the bibimbap ($3.50). It came with lots of veggies and marinated beef and a whole egg. Plus it came with 미역국 miyeok guk (seaweed soup). I like 미역국 because it’s just a simple soup (it may be bland to some)! And there was some kimchi and anchovies side dish. The kimchi was not bad. Well, a really good korean meal. I’m hoping to try the other Korean sets soon! And they even sell Kimbap and Teokbokki! I hope the standard of the food will remain:)

And something cute! I ordered some Crocs Jibbitz from Gmarket. And they were Carebears! So adorable! I have the green carebear with the clover, it represents luck, I think.

And something exciting! Josh Groban is releasing his new album “Illuminations” in November 2010. It’s been a long wait since his previous album “Awake”. So I’m naturally excited since I’m such a huge fan of his music! I downloaded his new single “Hidden Away” which is available for download from Josh Groban’s official website. And it’s amazing as usual, it’s so good to hear such soothing peaceful therapeutic songs once again. I know I’ve been a huge Kpop fan but I guess my interest is slowly weaning. It’s crazy how Kpop fans went crazy getting tickets for the upcoming Kpop concert. Somehow, I don’t think I’m such a huge fan to do such crazy stunts. Kpop wasn’t as popular years back when I was interested. Now, everybody’s listening to Kpop. So naturally, my interest is slowly weaning. It’s so good to go back to some of my first loves like Josh Groban, Corrinne May, Kevin Kern and Secret Garden.


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