really random posts about food, eating well and healthy, my life, chocolates and dramas!

260: Meatless Monday

Today’s gloomy Monday and I went down to lab to do the routine stuff. I’m dreading lab, seriously. Packed myself a meatless all-vegetables bento because I felt I needed a detox from ingesting too much good food and sweet unhealthy stuff over the long weekend.

Well, there’s boiled potato, cauliflower and edamame (soy beans). And sweet juicy cherry tomatoes!

It’s back to class again tomorrow. I’ve a CA tomorrow and another on Friday. I’m glad my Wednesday’s free so I can get down to doing some last minute revision for the Friday’s CA and maybe, cook myself some korean tteokbokki. I bought a 600g pack of frozen rice cakes (tteok) for tteokbokki yesterday and I want to cook tteokbokki soon! Found some really good recipes for the spicy sauce for tteokbokki and I’m going to try them out since I have all the available korean ingredients at home. Yays:)

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