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262: Perfect Muffins (Orange Raisin Walnut Sunflower Seeds Muffins)

Yes, I found the puuuuurfect muffin recipe!!!

I was really glad both my TteokBokki (떡볶이) and my muffins turned out terrific today! After the batch of muffins were baked, I couldn’t resist and I swallowed one muffin (oops!). But it’s so rare that I couldn’t resist my baked goodies! Because these muffins are so darn good! There are what I would call my perfect muffins. I like the exterior of my muffins to be slightly crunchy (with a sweet crust) and the interior of my muffins to be moist and soft! If you like yours this way too, then this will be the perfect recipe. And because I used the aluminium muffin cups I bought from Daiso, the muffins were so evenly brown and basically, the entire exterior of the muffin had a lovely golden brown crust.

I used the recipe for Christmas Muffins from NoobCook. But because I didn’t have cranberries nor pecans! I substituted them with whatever I had at home. So instead of 50g of cranberries, I used 5Og of  sultanas (raisins). And instead of 40g of pecans, I used 40g of a mixture of walnuts and sunflower seeds. And I think the orange zest gives the muffins a really lovely orange taste and fragrance! Initially, while mixing the ingredients, the batter was really dry and sticky. Then I had thought that these muffins would fail since most muffin batters I made were more liquid but to my huge surprise, they turned out really delightful! I love my muffins!

This is the perfect muffins recipe for me!

And so I packed some away in lovely muffin gift wrappings I got from Daiso! I’m going to give them as gifts to some of my close friends tomorrow! I hope they’ll like them!


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