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265: Picnic Food

Last Friday evening, I was rushing to prepare the food for the picnic.

After school at 6pm, I rushed to beat the evening crowd for the bus and the MRT. Bought the necessary ingredients at the supermarket and took a bus back home. By that time, it was already 730pm. I took a bath and started all the preparation for the picnic at 8pm. Managed to finish them all by 10pm.

I made a pasta salad. I know it didn’t look very pretty but it’s absolutely delicious!

In the salad, there’s wholemeal fusilli pasta, kidney beans (yum yum!), corn, japanese cucumber, raisins and lots and lots and lots of real bacon bits! The salad dressing is essentially 50% low fat sour cream and 50% japanese mayonnaise (Ajinomoto brand or Kewpie). It was absolutely delicious, I think the sour cream and the kidney beans and the bacon bits were the winning factors!

I made a flourless chocolate cake for the birthday friends! This was so impromptu! Because the picnic was essentially for their birthdays but the rest of us have been really really busy. Finding time to meet up to bake one was so impossible. So I decided to take on the mission to bake one. I like that the recipe has no flour! So I decided to go for this! Was initally apprehensive because this was the first time I’m baking this. But it was a huge success because the friends wiped it all out! I like to believe they liked it! Haha:)  I’m so glad that they do, really. I got the recipe from Piggy’s Cooking Journal.

And I baked some potato wedges with extra virgin olive oil too. But I don’t have the picture.

The baking and cooking session on Friday evening was tiring but so fun! 🙂 I miss messing around in the kitchen!


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