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268: I’m STRESSED!

How do you handle stress?

School these days has been really really bad. I mean, school the past 3 years had been bad too. And it is possibly due to the nature of the course I’m currently in. We are the ‘smart’ ones and everybody’s aiming to outwit and outsmart the other 100+ heads within our cohort! With the competitive nature of my course and the really rigorous and heavy workload, it’s hard to not be stressed.

This stress has been particularly increasing especially now that I’m in my fourth year in school. It’s getting crazy. With the final year project at hand, things are getting out-of-hand, it seems. I don’t sleep well these days, I even think or dream about school work and my project when I’m asleep. And I spend my days in the lab, working aimlessly sometimes.

This week is kind of the killer week and I forsee that the next few weeks are not much better! I have two upcoming CAs (which are really important) this coming Friday. I have a really stressful practical session that is graded on Thursday. I’m having the presentation dry run of my final year project progress tomorrow to my professors. And next Monday, it’ll officially be my official final year progress presentation grading. And I can forsee things are going to go downhill from here onwards.

I can barely find time to revise all my other modules. I’m so stressed. And how do I handle this stress? This is probably an avenue or outlet for me, blogging short snippets of my life. And especially this week, I find it better to directly face the problem when I’m stressed. It’s impossible to escape from them. Got to face them bravely.

Anyway, I need to buck up right now! I’ve been rehearsing my presentation today and I hope it’ll get an “OK” pass tomorrow when I do the dry run. And tomorrow after the dry run, I want to run home to study! I have been studying PT the past few days, I pray the information retains in my brain. I like PT so I really want to do well for it! As for the other CA – Korean II, I’m on the verge of ‘giving up’. I want to do well for it, but because I haven’t been dedicating much time to it, I don’t have to do exceptionally well in it. I can always submit it for S/U. And because I really want to focus on my core modules which are of DEFINITE greater importance when I graduate and enter the working world!

So, stay strong, hang on, Rina! (: You can do it!


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