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269: Cravings!

I have sudden cravings! I’m craving for THAT GERMAN SAUSAGE BUN WITH SAUERKRAUT I had about 2 months ago at Fossil Fuels at Universal Studios Singapore! I’ve been thinking about that juicy thick german sausage and that really well toasted (hard bun resembling) hotdog bun! OMG I want to eat that! I’m wondering where else do they sell this! The german sausage can possibly be bought from the supermarket (possibly Cold Storage or Fairprice Finest). As for the bun, the closest will be a well toasted baguette. Hmm (: I’m seriously craving for it. I’m wondering if Superdog at Vivocity sells something similar. I’ve passed by Superdog a few times but I haven’t tried it yet since I always steer clear from fastfood when dining out.

But something comforting is that we’ve two tubs of Island Creamery ice-cream in the freezer compartment right now. I felt really bad because Daddy drove us out to buy them! We insisted on taking the public bus since it was just a few stops away but Mummy insisted that the bus fare was more costly than Daddy fetching us there. Oh wells. Anyway, there’s Nutella and Chendol. I haven’t tried these two flavours yet!

Tomorrow is my project’s progress presentation. I’ve been procrastinating. I haven’t gotten down to rehearsing a few more times since last Tuesday. Maybe it’s good to not over stress myself now. I’ll probably fare better presenting tomorrow if I stay calm now. Hmm 🙂


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