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281: I’m now a fan of Barilla pasta!

It took me many years to actually discover that Barilla exists and that it was the ‘best’ store-bought spaghetti I’ve bought thus far! I know of people who swear by Barilla. Even my favourite pasta stall at Bukit Timah Market (and the quite popular pasta/western stall in the business canteen in school) uses Barilla and they hang these little flags to show their customers that they only use the ‘best’, Barilla pasta.

I have always thought that all store-bought spaghetti should taste the same. I’ve always been buying the Australian brands pasta as they look equally good. And Barilla pasta was the costlier option! But I had no idea that there was such a huge difference in taste and texture!

I bought a box of Spaghetti No. 5 to try just weeks ago when they were running an offer at the local supermarket and I’m so glad I did! I also found a new box of Barilla farfalle which Mummy bought too! Yays!

Cooked a very simple tomato-based spaghetti with prawn, sausage and shitake mushrooms. The picture isn’t very flattering but it was really good! Especially the spaghetti! It was done al dente and I really like the texture of the spaghetti! I wiped out the entire plate!

I’m now an official fan of Barilla pasta! I now know why people swear by them because it’s that good.


Edit (21/12/2010): The Barilla Farfalle pasta was not exactly nice, it was really thick and the texture wasn’t chewy enough. After cooking for so long, it still tasted very ‘dough-ey”. I think I’ll stick to spaghetti No. 5.

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