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295: Pharyngitis

I’m feeling super terrible now because of this nagging pain whenever I swallow. Was ‘forced’ to go shopping with Mum and Aunt and the cousins yesterday and it was quite bad. My original plan was to stay home but since I didn’t want to spoil the mood, I decided to tag along to be the ‘maid’. And it didn’t end off too well because’ by the end of the day, I was having this painful sore throat. And was feeling really indigested from dinner. I had no plans to take dinner since I wasn’t feeling hungry. But since Aunt was treating us for dinner and had already ordered the meals, Mum told me to eat as not to waste the food. And yes, I ate and was feeling so uncomfortable in the end. And it was all not to waste the food and to not spoil the mood. And because I had to please everyone, at the end of the day, I was the one feeling terrible.

Couldn’t sleep all night because of the nagging sore throat. And it’s terribly painful now too. The onset was really acute because I was still all fine yesterday morning. I’m guessing it’s viral since acute onset of Pharyngitis is usually viral.

Well, it’s good, I guess.


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