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297: Breads from Cedele!

Dinner today was salad and bread! Salad was the usual homemade salad with butterhead lettuce, red and green capsicum, corn, cherry tomatoes, green and red apples, hard boiled egg, sunflower seeds, cashew nuts and bacon bits with extra virgin olive oil and japanese goma dressing! It was good:)

And before I left for school this morning, I was instructed to buy the walnut bread that the parents like from Cedele on my way home from school. So I bought this loaf of bread from Cedele @ Rail Mall, just walking distance away from my place. This is the organic wholewheat raisin and walnut bread ($6.80).

It was SO good. I love such rustic dense breads! Looking and sniffing it makes me happy! You must think I’m crazy.  But it was good. It may look like it’s a really heavy and dense and hard loaf, but you will be surprised when you bite into it because the bread is still moist and soft within. It’s unlike those other store bought wholemeal bread loafs from in-store bakeries at Carrefour or Giant, justifying the higher cost of this bread. I could just eat bread (from Cedele) for my meals all day long.

Did I mention that I love dining at Cedele? I love the food in Cedele! I love the Breads (love them all although I wouldn’t go for the plain white boring ones because why stick to these when there are other gorgeous ones!) and the Beetroot burger (my favourite, I order this without fail every time I visit Cedele) and the soups (haven’t tried many thus far but the more memorable ones are like the chunky beef stew). So many things to love about Cedele! And they are so close to my home now, just a 5 minutes walk away!

Oh yes, I bought a mini cranberry crumble brioche roll for lunch ($1.50). It’s shaped like a tall muffin but it’s actually bread. It wasn’t spectacular or anything special (merely cranberry?) but I was rather surprised by the moist soft interior of the brioche roll.

More breads, more, please. I’m going to try them one by one…

Tomorrow might be one of my last few visits to lab. I dragged myself to lab today, woke up and left the house really early, it was 8am when I reached the lab and there were only a few souls there. It’s good to start really early and end early (I left lab at 1130am this morning!). The other people often come to lab only at 10 plus which I don’t quite like because I would rather leave lab early.  Anyway, I forsee that I might be able to end lab by early afternoon (2pm) tomorrow so I cooked myself some spaghetti for lunch. Packed in a bento and it’s perfect that there’s a pantry near my lab and there’s a microwave oven too. The sauce for the spaghetti is a tomato-based sauce with pork garlic sausage, Hokkaido scallops and fresh Shitake mushrooms. YUM:)

In fact, it was just a way to finish off the bottle of Barilla Napoletana sauce because (really exciting…drumrolls!) I just bought a new bottle of Barilla Ricotta sauce yesterday! I’ve been wanting to try Barilla Ricotta sauce after reading some pretty good reviews online. Cannot wait to open that new bottle of pasta sauce! Barilla pasta with Barilla pasta sauce – the perfect combination!:)


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