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298: Hip Hip Hurray!

FINALLY…After more than a month, my ice-cream maker has arrived in Singapore! The lady called Mummy up an hour ago to inform her that the maker has arrived! And we might be going downtown to collect it tomorrow! I’m so excited! Christmas is just around the corner and I can probably make some homemade ice-cream for the family Christmas party/gathering!

It’s time to start flipping my newly acquired (and really costly investment) gelato recipe book, The Ciao Bella Book of Gelato and Sorbetto  and “The Perfect Scoop” by David Lebovitz!!! And do some grocery shopping for cream, milk and eggs (plenty of them cause’ I need the yolks and we always only buy enough eggs to last the week).

As for what ice-cream to make first…there are just too many I want to make. But well, the few that I can possibly start off with will be these (below) since I have the available ingredients or the ingredients are easy to source.

1) Matcha ice-cream

2) Horlicks ice-cream

3) Fresh Mint ice-cream (that reminds me besides the use of fresh mint leaves, I should invest in a bottle of peppermint extract. I should drop by Phoon Huat or ToTT soon.)

4) Coffee Ice-cream



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