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299: Sneak Preview!

Isn’t this the cutest creature alive? He’s the youngest in my family, Pumpkin the blubber-ful winter white sapphire (aka Fatball). He’s been a really good boy these days especially when I stroke him a certain way. And he’s the size he is now because he’s been indulging in the many ‘lollipop’ treats I’ve given him. The speed at which he finishes off one ‘lollipop’ is terrible! But nevertheless, my fatball is so cute! Managed to capture him seated in this position (for quite some time, without moving much) but still it’s a little blurry! But still my cute Pumpkin fatball.

And some sneak preview of the ice-cream machine in action. This was the first time I tried with the ice-cream machine, it’s churning the matcha (green tea ice-cream). But sad to say, I think I overchurned the ice-cream so it got slightly compact but melted after that. The end result was still a rather icy ice-cream. Reasons I could think of is the room temperature since I churned it in the kitchen and Mummy had to cook her dinner then.

The second round, I tried the Philadelphia (New York or American) style ice-cream, without having the need to cook the custard. But I’ve decided to not use this method ever again because the ice-cream was merely like frozen mousse.

So today, I’ve prepared the custard (French style) for my apple pie ice-cream and the caramelised apple cinammon mix! Now all that’s left is to get some graham crackers from the supermarket and to churn the ice-cream when the freezing disc is totally frozen. I think to play extra safe, another 4-5 more hours would be sufficient. It’s been in the freezer for 24 hours already but since the freezer is almost fully loaded, I don’t think the temperature is as evenly distributed so maybe freezing it for 28-30 hours would be good. I hope this time the ice-cream will be successful!

Alright, I’ll probably make another batch of ice-cream (if this batch doesn’t dampen my spirits!) tomorrow or the day after for the Christmas party. Horlicks or Cookies & Cream? If it’s C&C, I’ll need to get pure vanilla extract and Oreos! Hmm:)



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