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302: two thousand and eleven

I do know many people out there love bidding farewell to the old year, looking back at what’s been done the past year and making new year resolutions for the new year. Sadly, I don’t actually keep to my new year’s resolutions. Hence, I don’t like coming up with a whole list of them. I prefer living my life at ‘the’ moment. I do believe in doing my best at everything and that’s how I’ve been living my life so far so there’s actually no need for resolutions.

But well, the year 2011 is finally here. And why do I actually say so? It’s the year I’m officially graduating and entering the workforce. It is still really scary to me. It’s hard to believe that in about 5-6 more month’s time, I’ll be graduating from school. And seriously, I don’t want to graduate. I would rather study (although there were definitely times when I hated school)! Because I know that once I enter the workforce, I’ll start missing school and studying. So I’ve got to cherish the last 5-6 months in school.

And to face up to reality, this coming week, I’m having a career fair and I will have to send out my resumes, cover letters and applications to the institution I want to apply to. Over the past week, I’ve been racking my brains over the resume and the cover letter. It’s almost done. Now, all I need to do tomorrow is to go down to the photo shop to take some passport-sized photographs (with me looking somewhat professional). Hmm, and I need to start thinking about the interviews! How I want to present myself…I’ve got to start thinking about the 1 minute personal introduction thing and the potential questions the interviewers may ask me. I’ve some institutions that I really want to get into and I hope I will. Learning from past experience from the many interviews, I hope I’ll be able to show the interviewers what they want to see and hear this time round! I’m going to ace the interview, just you wait and see!

And yes, hello 2011! The weather’s been crazy crazy crazy. Had the plans to go kite-flying and to have a picnic yesterday evening but it rained so heavily, we cancelled the plans and had the ‘picnic’ at home. And just when we thought that it seemed a pretty good day to go kite-flying today, it rained again. REALLY HEAVILY and we were all drenched! This was the first time our kite flew up so high…after many many many failed attempts. The wind was all good today and once you released the kite in the sky, it just flew. It was the highest our kite has ever been. After flying the kite for a few minutes (five?), I heard the sound of rain on the other side of the field (a good 20m away). Sis was with me and we noticed that it was only raining on the other side of the field. Well, a few seconds later, it started pouring like crazy. It didn’t help that we did not have any umbrellas with us and the kite just dived down and seemingly ‘disappeared’. Spent a whole 15 minutes (or more?) finding the missing kite (only to find it tangled in some tree), untangling the string and packing up. By then, we were TOTALLY drenched, I was trying my best to keep my eyes open but the rain was just too heavy! And my white top was really translucent! 😦

Oh wells, but it was quite fun. I love spending time with my family! Love them all a lot! More kite-flying, please!

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