really random posts about food, eating well and healthy, my life, chocolates and dramas!

304: TGIF!

The weekend’s here! Time to recharge! But there are still many things to do like doing up my report for my honours year project due in early Feb, doing the cases and reading up on my notes! But at least, I have time to rest and laze in bed and not having to wake up at 6am.

Chinese New Year’s coming too. The season when we all get fat from eating all the ‘junk’! It’s hard to resist all the delicacies! My favourites are pineapple tarts and bakkwa! But well, this year, I’m resolved to eat less of all the ‘junk’. Healthy eating, folks! I’m cutting out all the unhealthy stuff from my life. And for that, I mean chocolates! Yes, all the sugars! Because I can never resist chocolates! But I’ve successfully refused and not touched chocolates (cocoa powder from the previous marble butter cake doesn’t count!) for 4 weeks and counting. Hurrays!

Anyway, I’m back from a lovely dinner at Dukukala Peranakan Restaurant! A very homely restaurant near my place but this is my first time there! The food there is so good that I finished ALL MY RICE! People who know me knows that I don’t really eat much rice but I did finish all my rice. The food here is so delicious! I love the Beef Rendang (especially the coconut laden thick gravy that accompanies the tender beef chunk)! And the Nonya Chap Chye! These two are my favourite dishes! We are so going back to Dulukala and when we do, Beef Rendang please!:)


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