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305: Baking Haven!

Went down to Phoon Huat at Clementi with the parents just now! It’s a baking haven there! The parents bought nuts and seeds and stuff to bake the pineapple tarts and almond cookies. But I found so many things I want to get from there! And the good thing is that it’s super near my school, probably a ten minutes’ bus ride from school!

I spotted so many things I want to get!

The few things I’m going to get when I get there are:

1) Vanilla pods (it’s much cheaper here!)

2) Nielsen-Massey Pure Vanilla Extract (And Pure Vanilla Bean Paste to0!)

3) Peppermint Extract

And I realised the cream there is much cheaper and looks really good (they sell those seemingly high-end French whipping cream!). The butter there is much cheaper than those sold in supermarkets too (and looks pretty good too, they are the imported ones from Europe. France, I think?). The next time I decide to churn out some ice-cream, I’ll definitely drop by Phoon Huat. And they have such lovely cupcake liners! And even cookie wraps, cake boxes and cake liners! I’m so going to spend a bomb when I go there the next time!:)


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