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307: Happy as a Clam!?

Finally a silly musing…

Haha that’s the cutest phrase I’ve heard about describing happiness. As happy as a clam? I still remember English lessons back in primary school where we learnt idioms and whatsnot and how being happy was “as happy as a lark”. I’ve no idea that you can be as “happy as a clam”. Some variations include a “happy as a clam in butter sauce” or rather the more appropriate as “happy as a clam at high water”. So interesting!

Well, apparently, it has been suggested that open clams give the appearance of smiling. “As happy as a clam at high water” is so because hide tide is when clams are free from the attentions of predators; surely the happiest of times in their world.

And yes as “happy as a clam” just means a state of contentment and a feeling that all is well with the world! I guess, that’s how I’m am right now. Although I may whine and lament about how I don’t like school  and the horrible horrible FYP that just brought nothing but misery to my final year in uni, I just feel happy and blessed to have the many lovely people in my life! My family – even though as the kids (us) grow up and we’ve less time for one another but they are still people I love so dearly (and the adorable little cousins; I totally agree that kids say the darndest things). Friends – we’ve fought through thick and thin through the many many years but still so grounded and true and loyal and as crazy as ever when we’re together. Especially the 아줌마s -we’ve travelled through many miles (which crazy bunch will travel to Korea twice in two consecutive years and go crazy there shopping like nobody’s business?) and always so crazy when we’re together out for a meal or singing K or having our random cookout/picnic sessions.

I just wanted to say that you guys mean a lot to me since I think Vday’s just around the corner! Thank you for being in my life! I know I often say Valentine’s Day is cliched and all. Or maybe it’ll mean something different next time, I don’t know.

Haha(: I’m happy too also because I’ve succumbed to online shopping once again. I couldn’t resist! A pretty dress and bag is coming my way soon! I sometimes think I’m crazy(:

Alrights! It’s back to study! It’s a sad sad life. 😦 So much to study – chemo, nutrition and PD’s going to drive me crazy!


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