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311: Madeleine pan!

I hereby declare I have a new item on the wish list: a new metal madeleine pan/mould!

I’m currently using the silicone ones I bought from Daiso and they don’t brown as beautifully on the  bottom. And speaking of madeleines, I haven’t baked madeleines for ages. The last I baked them was a year ago? Partly because I didn’t like how ‘unbrown’ they turn out to be with my silicone moulds.

When I saw how beautiful the madeleines (and canelés) from this French pattisier/bakery “Le Grenier à Pain” were in the display box at a French fair at Isetan one day, I was smitten. They were so perfectly brown and firm. From that day on, I knew that I needed to get a new metal madeleine pan in order to bake those little brown creatures. And speaking of “Le Grenier à Pain”, they are a real French bakery in (where else but) Paris, France. They had an outlet in Sembawang Shopping Centre but I believed it closed down soon after as business was pretty poor. The madeleines were so pretty BUT they were really expensive ($4+ for 100g).

And somehow, it reminded me of the times back in Japan. I love strolling along the food halls of the department stalls in Hokkaido and Tokyo and taking lovely photos of the desserts and cakes and macarons on display at the different stalls. I love all the colours and the beautiful intricate designs of the cakes. I love that so much effort and love was put in by the pastry chefs into decorating the cakes and desserts. It was a sight to behold! The sweets and desserts were pretty expensive but oh so gorgeous. Although we left Japan without trying out any sweets, it was a truly wonderful experience all in all. And those times were way before I started getting hooked onto baking.

You know, they say girls (in particular) have an extra stomach for desserts and sweet stuff. Even when we are so full from eating, we wouldn’t say ‘no’ to desserts. When I do meet up with my friends, this still stays true. The girls would be in a frenzy deciding what dessert to order next after the main course. But well, not for me now. Ever since the parents got involved in healthy eating years ago and I was greatly influenced by it as well, I’ve been resisting all sorts of temptations (refined sugars and butters and all). Except for the occasional indulgence where chocolates are involved. But well, I love eating healthy. It makes one feel good and happy.

Haha (: Oh wells, I have digressed. I need to look for a new madeleine pan soon. And it’s the holidays now! Need to get down to doing my projects (x3) and catch up on some studying. And maybe some running later in the evening. (: Cheers!

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