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317: Delighted (The King’s Speech)

Had a lot of fun with a friend of mine yesterday. It was a really impromptu meet-up which started from a mere sms the evening before. The original plan was to catch “The King’s Speech” and I’m so glad that we did. The hall was packed full but the audience was a pretty good bunch. Most importantly, there were no giggling or whispering schoolkids and no disturbances from the munching of popcorn and chips because I don’t think “kids” younger than I am would be interested. I saw mostly adults in their twenties and even in their fifties.  But the film was good!

It was a really very inspiring film, with really great acting from Colin Firth (ooh good ol’ Darcy from BBC’s Pride and Prejudice) and Geoffrey Rush (whose name sounds so terribly familiar but I cannot recall why). And there was also Helena Bonham Carter (Olivia from BBC’s Twelfth Night (my good ol’ literature text back in secondary school) and also many Tim Burton films). The storyline was fairly simple and it was just about how the Duke of York (and then King George VI) overcame his stammer. It may be simple but there was a lot going on and I was quite moved by it. And delightfully amusing at times. Lionel and Bertie 🙂

The soundtrack was simple (I love that there was just simple piano and strings), not exceptionally memorable but it really suits the film very well. I’ve chosen TWO of my favourite tracks here.

02 – The King’s Speech

12- Speaking Unto Nations (Beethoven Symphony No 7 II)

After the film, we combed the mall to do some shopping. It’s been a terribly long time since I’ve shopped physically at the malls. During busy times, I’ve mainly been shopping behind the computer screen (which can be terribly addictive too). But well, shopping physically is just so therapeutic. We were both faced with times when we had to choose (decisions decisions!). We were pretty terrible in resisting because in the end, we gave in to both. I love all my loots from F21 ♥ (:

But after paying for our items, the feeling was really good. Triumphant? Haha (: When girls shop, we practically go crazy. And it was a really amusing scene to see all the husbands and boyfriends and kids sitting in a row just at the entrance of the F21 storefront. The thought that’s probably resounding in their heads was probably “the women….”, complete with some shaking of the head with disapproval. Haha but I was a happy girl at the end of yesterday.


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