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322: Choice

I hate to choose.

Especially when both choices are equally likeable and I cannot seem to find fault in any. I rack my brains and even after hours of decision-making, I still cannot come to a clear decision.

I really hate to choose.

And because I don’t want to face any more stress from having to choose between this or the other, I’ve decided to go for both. And so I’ve decided.

I really hate to choose so I’m going for both. 🙂

I’ve started listening to this song and it’s a pretty catchy one. “Strip Me” by Natasha Bedingfield. And I particularly like this paragraph of lyrics which I find really meaningful and somehow, I can relate to.

“Everyday I fight for
All my future somethings
A thousand little awards
I have to choose between
I could spend a lifetime
Earning things I don’t need
That’s like chasing rainbows
And coming home empty”

I’ve been leading my current lifestyle the whole 23 years of my life. Spent 16 years of my 23 years on Earth, in school chasing dreams, aiming higher, aiming for perfection, getting good grades, pushing myself to greater excellence. To many others, we are the overachievers, the crazy ones and they wonder how we’ve survived our whole life. They say someday we will break down. But I think otherwise. I still feel grounded and very rooted. All these while, while chasing the dreams I have, I never forget to look back or to stop to look as the world passes by me. I know the world is not all about me. It’s about people, it’s about the intricate weaving of relationships, it’s about family, it’s about friends, it’s about love, it’s about everything else but me alone.

I do know of people, friends who blindly follow ambitions, dreams, aiming higher just for the prestige, just for the monetary rewards, just for the material needs.  I suppose I’m just not that kind of person. I don’t want to live my life in regret at the end of all the struggling. I will be entering a training institute to commence my post-graduation training soon (and yes, entering the workforce). I overheard very wise words from a friend this morning and finally found someone who speaks my thoughts. I often ask myself what do I want out from my life. It’s not about getting the prestigious “Dr” title or that prestigious “one liner” qualification that follows my name on the namecard. I want to be good at what I’m doing (not just the knowledge but the soft skills), I want to love what I am doing and and I see myself wanting to develop in that specialised clinical area that I’m very interested in. And that means a lot of clinical experience and definitely a further degree, of which I’m very open to.

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