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328: Driven!

It’s going to be crazily busy these two weeks with all the deadlines! There’s FYP oral defense and poster presentation, there’s a practical test this week and 4 weeks of reading up in preparation for dispensing practicals. And there’s PT CA next week too and I have the motivation to do well for PT CA2 because I like PT and I did really well for PT CA1! I need to get down to studying for PT and rushing out my poster right after the dreaded FYP oral defense this Saturday.  GOODNESS ME! Stress level on MAXIMUM HIGH. I hate fourth year! 😦

I’ve been surviving on cups of Earl Grey tea because they work pretty well for me. I’ve had 2 cups today and I’m hoping it’ll last me while I study till early morning tomorrow. I’m so motivated suddenly! But I sense that it’s not going to go well on my body. Eye bags, oh no! Anyway, I have to keep this spirit and energy up! I feel so driven now (: Nothing must and should bring me down.

Will blog again on happy stuff real soon, probably after these dreaded 2 weeks. Got myself METAL madeleine moulds and round scones cutter from DAISO. Cheap and good. I’ve been dying to buy metal madeleine moulds for ages. And yes, I got myself the SPONGEBOB sandwich toaster. It’s a birthday gift from friends. I love it!


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