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323: Kura Ramen (Plaza Singapura)

Had dinner with my ahjumma and ahjusshi friends! We tried Kura ramen at Plaza Singapura. Their specialty is the Hokkaido ramen and I tried their popular (No. 2) ramen, the red miso ramen.

I like the red miso stock. It was really nice and warm. Adequately rich, something different from the usual white miso. The noodles, I think, were the Hokkaido style. The friend commented that they tasted like the Korean ramyeon (instant noodles) because the noodles were really absorbing the soup stock and they ballooned! But it was good. Love the char siu, it was really thickly sliced and very tender! And the ramen egg (tamago) was good too, soft and flowy in the centre.


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