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331: Death to Competition

I hate competition. I hate it. And I’ve survived countless years of them through secondary school, junior college and now university. It doesn’t help that I was in the good schools all along, surrounded by countless whizzes and the apparent “cream of the crop” of this country.

I think I’ve survived well all these years. I was so tired of facing all the competition that from a certain point in time years ago, my goal was just to try my best. And I don’t wish to be affected by others and the unnecessary competition!

I’ve learnt well. I’ve managed through uni life with this philosophy and adopted a resolute mind. But now I realised I’m faltering. It’s nearing the end of school. But the others around me are affecting me. And for that someone close to me who is ever-so competitive, he goes down to analysing how the professors grade the FYPs and sometimes, his acts just digust me and I wish to hear no more. I realised that I’ve just been trying my best at FYP all along, I’ve put in the effort, I didn’t want to over rely on the professors, I wanted to be independent (and I think I did) and grades were secondary. It helped that the main supervisor of my FYP is a really nice professor, although he isn’t very in tune with my project, his encouragements and happy-go-lucky way of living has rubbed off me. He seems to be spokesperson of the phrase, “enjoy the process for the grades are secondary”.

But the people, the friends around me are making me all jittery and scared and it gets very irritating. I told myself that I must not get affected by them but my mind this time round isn’t as resolute as I wanted it to be.

I must not get affected by them. I must stand firm and strong. Death to competition. Just enjoy the process and try your best:)


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