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332: Gong Cha (Plaza Singapura)

I have succumbed to the recent Taiwanese bubble tea craze in Singapore. Yes, the bubble tea craze is back in Singapore after many many years. Sis has been raving about the famed Koi bubble tea ever since her return from Taiwan 2 years back. And yes, the queue for Koi is ever so long and crazy. I haven’t tried Koi yet because I don’t have the patience to queue 45 minutes for a cup of bubble tea. And yes, I think Koi’s famous for their pearls but I don’t like pearls in general. They are starchy and just weird. I heard the pearls in one cup of tea is worth the calories of a meal.

But I like Gong Cha. It’s another Taiwanese bubble tea chain that recently came to our shores. I’ve only tried one type of drink thus far and have been really faithful. My friends like the Taro milk tea, Earl Grey milk tea with 3Js and many others. But I’ve always been drinking the Alisan Milk Tea with no pearls and a sugar level of 30%. It’s just the perfect combination for me. The 30% sweetness is just perfect because you’re able to taste the lovely tea taste. And yes, it’s really unique. There’s a layer of foamy milk on the top of the tea, which you are supposed to mix in with the tea. The layer of milk is really unique because it tastes a little sour! But when mixed with the tea, it becomes really awesome!

Didn’t capture the before picture of the tea. But this is the tea after mixing in the milk.



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