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333: 15 Minutes (LASALLE)

Headed to 15 minutes for lunch yesterday. It was a really impromptu decision after we printed our FYP posters yesterday at nearby Bencoolen street.

Had wanted to order the Tofu Lasagne because the addition of tofu sounded very intriguing. I love tofu and lasagne, wondered how the combination would turn out. But they didn’t serve it yesterday. So I settled for Chicken Guacamole Cream ($8.90 w/o GST). I was attracted to the guacamole part since I love avocados! I was imagining the pasta to be green but it wasn’t!

But the avocado taste wasn’t as distinct as I had hoped for it to be. It was creamy and really rich, tasted like any normal creamy pasta. The portion of chicken was alright though, sufficient to pass around. Nothing to scream about but not too bad a pasta dish. But the friend who tried my pasta liked it. To each his own?

Saw some people having the salads in a jar. I should have ordered the salad instead. Oh wells:)


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