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340: The Last Chapter

It’s going to be the last day of school tomorrow. This entire week, friends around me have been whipping out their digital cameras, taking every opportunity to take some photos with friends, with lab partners whom we have spent time with for the past 4 years in university. I simply cannot believe that school is ending. And tomorrow’s going to be the last day in school.

I’m feeling quite sad. I thought I would be happy that I’m graduating and I really think I might miss school. I cannot believe I’ve survived 4 years in this ever-competitive course of mine. There were MANY points in time when we get all stressed up with all the deadlines, all the tests, all the workload. My coursemates have told me that they think our course is one of the heaviest in Singapore, of which I have to agree. Friends from other faculties and schools have told me at some point in time that they were stressed but somehow, their ‘stress’ and workload cannot be compared to ours. Sometimes, I just find myself listening to them as they complain and whine about their school life and just reassuring them that they’ll do fine. And often, there is no need to give my own input/personal experience because me thinks comparison just brings us nowhere. But I cannot believe I’m graduating! I cannot believe that I’ve survived this horribly rigorous course of mine! I cannot believe I’ve come so far.

The feeling is very very surreal. I’m sad that school is ending. In a few months’ time, I’ll no longer be a student. Finally a working adult, ready to step into the working world. I cannot believe I’ve come so far.

Thanks to the friends I’ve made through the 4 years in university. If not for them, I wouldn’t think I would have survived thus far. Thankfully, our field is a pretty small one so we’ll definitely get to see one another really soon, probably at some conference or seminar etc.

It’s the last chapter of my schooling life. I realised I’ve been studying the past 16 years of my life. 16 years of being a student. It’s time to move on. They say it’s the end of school. Me thinks it’s JUST the beginning. With all the knowledge gained, in the working world (and especially at my practice setting), we all start from ground zero. It’s learning all over again. And I’m going to miss school. I’m definitely considering a further degree because I don’t want to remain where I am now. In my profession, we’re learning anytime, we’re learning everywhere. Until I decide to get a further degree, I’ll want to work a few years to gain the experience first. And hopefully, I will be good enough to get a scholarship or sponsorship to study again!

Alright:) I’m feeling sad and emo already. I don’t want to end school. I just feel so old all of a sudden.


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