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341: Portuguese Egg Tarts

The portuguese egg tarts which I baked with the recipe online were not to my expectations. They look quite pretty but they were just not there yet. There’s probably something wrong with this store bought frozen puff pastry. I thought I would give this puff pastry a second chance. The first time I tried to make some peanut butter chocolate puffs with them, the pastry did puff up and brown on the top but the base still had the floury doughy taste which I didn’t like. This time round, after maxing out the baking time, the base of the egg tart was still pale and floury and doughy.

I don’t know what went wrong with the puff pastry.

But the texture of the egg custard was pretty close, but just way TOO sweet. The recipe called for too much sugar! I used less sugar already but it was still too sweet.

Oh wells, the experiment with portuguese egg tarts shall remain as it is for now. I’ll be holidaying in Macau after the exams, during my break before work commences and I think I would definitely want to satisfy those portuguese egg tarts cravings of mine then! They serve much better (or is the best?) portuguese egg tarts there since Macau’s famous for them!


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