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342: Cedele (Rail Mall)

Cedele, is by far my favourite dining place! I’m so in love with the food at Cedele! Fell crazily in love with Cedele from the very first mouth I bit into my Beetroot Avocado burger. The other good reason is that there’s a branch that’s only a 5 minutes’ walk from my place.

Met up with a few of my friends just last Friday for Cedele. The friends are all Cedele converts too! We ordered a few dishes to share. We had the grilled vegetables chutney sandwich on a rustic white with sesame bread and a mushroom overload burger on golden pumpkin bread. We had pumpkin soup and boston clam chowder to share, along with free flow of bread. And something sweet to end off, we had the famed Cedele carrot walnut cake.

Didn’t take much pictures because we are all too hungry and filling our tummies was the primary objective!

I wanted to try the other vegetarian alternative sandwich, which is the grilled vegetables chutney sandwich. I have ALWAYS (yes, every single visit!) been ordering my good old boring Beetroot Avocado sandwich only because it’s so delicious and just SO SO SO good. Decided to try the grilled vegetables chutney sandwich and it was good. The grilled vegetables were so sweet, love the red capsicum and the pumpkin! Think what’s so special about Cedele is the spices they use in their food, the chutney used in the sandwich made the entire do-up very unique. But well, this was a good vegetarian alternative! But give me my Beetroot Avocado sandwich ANYTIME!

And we had the yummy carrot walnut cake. It was as usual, good. There were so many beautiful cakes in the little cake refrigerator. I was particularly extracted to the Pink Beet Cake for the most obvious reason. BEET, BEETROOT! (: It’s adorably pink with beet strips, I think. I read some reviews online and realised that it’s kind of like the red beet/beetroot version of carrot cake. How adorable! I’m going to try that the next time round. And yes, the chocolate pistachio cake was tempting too, I read that the layers are flourless. I love flourless cakes (think fluffed up egg whites and spongey layers, woohoo).

And how could I resist the breads and pastries? Bought 3 home! And I had this for breakfast on Saturday morning. I just popped the Orange Cranberry Hot Cross Bun into the microwave for 30 seconds and tah-dah, delicious breakfast. It was not too bad, Easter’s near so hot cross buns are popping out like Easter bunnies.

And yes, I love my scones. I love scones. I LOVE SCONES. Need I say enough? I tried the cranberry scone the last time, I think. Decided to get the Orange Blueberry scone and this was breakfast for Sunday (which is today). Again, I just popped the scone in the microwave for 40 seconds and tah-tah, moist soft fluffy scone for breakfast. And that’s not it yet. I spread a layer of orange marmalade between the scone and the warm scone will heat up the preserve and the fusion is just divine! The warm scone and the orange marmalade were terrific together! So good (:

I bought a small roll of my favourite organic wholewheat raisin walnut bread. I need to find an opportunity to eat it too. Breakfast for Monday?


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