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343: To-Bake List

I want to:

1) Bake condensed milk pound cake, again (I’m sorry but I cannot resist).

2) Bake “everything” cookies. Baked “everything” cookies based on an awesome recipe from Foodgawker for a friend just today. The secret ingredient was the cinammon and the overload of ingredients (think roasted hazelnuts, cranberries, raisins, sunflower seeds, mixed nuts muesli). Just so divine because the smell while the cookies were in the oven was just crazily amazing!

3) Bake a french apple tart. This has been on my to-bake list for ages since the day I acquired a metal tart tin. I’m going to make one soon.

4) Bake a tofu (bean curd) cheesecake.

5) Bake some awesomely fudgey chewy chocolatey brownies (with roasted hazelnuts or walnuts or almonds).

It’s the week before the exams, the week I have to push on before I conquer the final exams of university. It’s home home home home for the next 11 days before I officially break for the holidays! And the holidays means more time for baking and a short getaway (I’m hoping Macau and Hong Kong but nothing’s for certain now since we haven’t gotten down to booking it yet) and plenty of shopping and tea. Got to enjoy the last 6 weeks before work commences and that would be possibly hellish! Oh wells, for now, the exams! I can do it. You can do it, Rina (: FIGHTING!

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