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346: Another Scone for Breakfast

After the really delicious orange blueberry scone from Cedele, here’s another scone from my favourite local bakery, Four Leaves. It’s their cranberry scone! It looks really dry but I tell you, the microwave oven does magic to this one! Pop it in the microwave oven for 30 seconds and you get the soft crumbly cake-like scone!

And as usual, I had this scone with my orange marmalade (or simply any jam/preserve), warm. This scone wasn’t too bad, it was slightly drier than Cedele’s or my usual Oishii Bakery’s. But it was not bad. Oh yes, I heard that TCC (The Conoisseur Concerto)’s scones from their tea set are pretty good, would love to try them someday.

And yes, to continue with the scones craze! I baked some craisin (yes, cranberries and raisin) scones this afternoon! They were OMG delicious! They don’t look that pretty or tall (I’ll roll them out thicker the next time round) but they taste quite delicious unexpectedly. I haven’t had many successes with scones and this will be my best attempt thus far. Will blog in the next entry (:

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