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350: Wasabi Kit Kat

The aunty gave us each a pack of Wasabi Kit Kat her colleague got from Japan! I’ve always been awed and intrigued by the R&D departments of japanese food and beverage industry. I mean, their food engineers are always so innovative! Always thinking of new novel innovative ideas to integrate into their snacks and food!

I’ve heard of Soya Sauce Kit Kat and I’ve read that reviews were pretty good. Some described it as a salted caramel kit kat. Sounds very interesting? But I was a little apprehensive about this all-green Wasabi Kit Kat. For one, I do not like Wasabi. I don’t like the pungent taste that Wasabi lingers in my oral cavity. But I’m still pretty alright if the sushi chef decides to put a little into my sushi. I wouldn’t throw out the sushi entirely. And I do eat a few pieces of Wasabi coated/flavoured nuts occasionally. I guess Wasabi is pretty tolerable.

Kit Kat has outdone itself with another new flavour of Kit Kat. I was really surprised by how alike the Kit Kat finger tastes like Wasabi (erm yes, what else?). The first taste that hits is the sweet white chocolate. And then, your tastebuds are greeted by the taste of Wasabi. It has that familiar Wasabi taste. But the sweetness of the white chocolate softens the pungent taste of Wasabi. The taste lingers a little in my mouth and then disappears as the Kit Kat finger slides down into my esophagus. It’s quite awesome a product, I must say, although I ain’t a fan of Wasabi nor Kit Kat.


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