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353: Green Pumpkin Japanese Bakery

I’m here to talk about my two green buns/breads from Green Pumpkin Japanese Bakery! I had them for lunch today and they were really not bad! I am quite glad that they have an outlet near my place and not at far far Nex. Jurong Point is going to be my new found haunt soon (after the exams) because there’s Green Pumpkin! I can survive on breads for all my meals, seriously. I’m not like the typical Chinese who has to have at least rice as a staple for at least one of my meals, like my Dad (I think).

This was the pumpkin bun! It looks so adorable because it’s shaped like a pumpkin! The green parts are actually matcha flavoured bread, which tasted quite good. I do believe that this is their signature bun!

I was really surprised when I pulled the bread apart because the pumpkin fillings were not like the usual mashed pumpkin fillings. You can distinctly see small cubes of pumpkin, with even the skins on! And they were not extremely sweet at all. The sweetness was from the natural sweetness of the pumpkins. I’ve realised that pumpkin buns from other bakeries elsewhere have added sugar into the mashed pumpkin fillings because they taste ‘artificially’ sweet. It’s good that Green Pumpkin’s pumpkin bun did not (or what I thought so) contain added sugar!

And the other green bun is the anpan bun (or the sweetened red bean paste bun). It’s green because there’s matcha in the bread dough as well!

This bun was pretty ordinary, but the only plus point is you can taste the red beans in the paste (and not like some overly mashed up red bean paste). And yes, the matcha flavoured bread dough!

I’m so going back to Green Pumpkin Japanese Bakery again to try out more of their breads and buy more of the pumpkin breads! I heard from the sister that they have a very interesting variety of breads and the bakery has a very cosy ambience.


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