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355: Lunch (Zucchini Salmon Spread Sandwich)

Another simple open top sandwich to tide through lunch, in this busy exam period. Toasted wholemeal bread with sliced zucchini and salmon spread.

Just conquered the second paper today and it was good! Put up a great fight and I’m hoping I’ll score! I really think I’m going to miss studying PTx! The series of PTx modules are my favourite university modules! One more paper to go on Thursday and it’s going to be goodbye uni life, goodbye school, hello working world, hello society! I’m starting to feel sad. I refuse to let go, I refuse to acknowledge that I’m nearing the end of my uni life. Well, the next time I’ll step in school after this Thursday will probably be convocation day. (Oh oops, kind of forget that I’ve to make an appointment for the Hep B Antibody test soon! That’ll be in the clinic in school too. But well, that doesn’t count!)

Sigh ):


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