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358: The Carefree Life

How’s life after the exams? It’s been good. I’ve been kept occupied with the many things I had wanted to do and catch up on.

Had dinner at Ootoya but it was a very unexpected impromptu decision, with the group I least expect to dine in Ootoya with. Yes, my university clique. And I had the Multigrain Soy Milk porridge as I’ve craved and it was good. So good, in fact, better than the previous time I had it. Good old comfy food.

Then, we also had the BBQ at a friend’s place where we played Wii and Monopoly Deal and had so much time at the swings (it’s been a decade since I’ve sat on one) and the playground. We were reliving our childhood days and it was so much fun!

Borrowed some books from the library too. It’s been ages since I’ve read because on usual days, if I had the time, you would probably see me reading my notes or reference books, rather than fiction/non-fiction books. And yes, I borrowed “The Sweet Spot” dessert book by Pichet Ong, which has my favourite condensed milk pound cake recipe! Cannot wait to try the other recipes out!

Then, during the long Labour Day holiday weekend, I got my iphone 4 too. Fiddling with the various apps! And I must proclaim that it’s really cool to surf on the go! Now I can access the internet wherever I am! Plus, it’s practically impossible to use up the monthly quota for the data plan.

Oh and I did some shopping in town with the sister today before retiring home to take a rest. And then this evening, I went to attend my first elections rally! Attended the Singapore Democratic Party’s rally for Holland-Bukit Timah GRC. I was really surprised by the turnout and the type of people who attended the rally (yes, there’s people from all walks of life). Very interesting, indeed. I would say that some of the issues that were raised were quite questionable. Somehow, I feel that the opposition’s just trying to raise issues just to oppose.

And yes, we’ve settled the reservations and booking for the plane tickets and hotel for our Hong Kong getaway in late May! Mum’s been nagging and pushing for us do some research for a budget hotel that’s near the town area. And I’m so glad that we found quite a great deal for a 4* hotel! The original price was double! And for the price we’re paying, we would probably be getting a 3* hotel that’s quite a distance from the town area. But well, the hotel we’ve booked looks pretty good, from reviews we’ve read. I was so glad and relieved when we booked the hotel this morning. A burden off my shoulders! For now, I’ll take my time to research and plan for our itinerary.

Cannot wait for tomorrow. Mum’s at work, Dad’s at work and the sister’s having her internship. So I’m home alone at home. Will probably head down to school for the Hep B antibody assay and then to IMM to collect my Totoro orgel (ahhh! cannot wait!). And seriously, I cannot wait to BAKE and COOK! So many things I want to attempt! I want to cook some nice soup, bake some nice bread rolls/bread, bake the apple cake, bake some tarts, make some nice pita sandwiches with guacamole, bake focaccia bread for the sister, make the brazillian cheese bun… I’ve 5-6 weeks to do so before work officially commences!


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