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359: Soup Spoon (Bugis Junction)

The Soup Spoon has been around for ages. I remember passing by the restaurant at Raffles Exchange 4 years ago when I was working at a temporary job during the break before university. And yes, time flies!

And sadly, this is my first visit to Soup Spoon. It’s quite a joke! Dropped by Soup Spoon for lunch because both the sister and I were starving! The sister visits Soup Spoon quite frequently because there’s an outlet near her school. I like the fact that Soup Spoon has calories for their different soups!

I do know that the Beef Goulash and Simon and Garfunkel Chicken Ragout are pretty popular choices! I’ll make it a point to try them out soon! But for today, I had the very boring and basic Velvety Mushroom Stroganoff. I’m guilty but because I was drawn to this being the lower calories option, as compared to the Beef Goulash and Simon and Garfunkel Chicken Ragout.

I like that the soup was FULL of mushrooms. I had huge chunks of mushrooms in every bite and I loved it. My only complaint was that I felt that the soup was a little starchy. The viscosity was a little funny. I do know that they add flour into soups but I’m not too sure if they do for this soup.

And I had a multi-grain bread roll with the soup! I’m a total bread lover! So this bread roll was quite good. Aside, I realised I’ve been eating breads a lot this long weekend. Had Cedele Beetroot Avocado sandwich on golden pumpkin bread for Sunday lunch and Raisin Walnut bread for Sunday dinner. Then, besides the multi-grain bread roll and soup for lunch today, I had a homemade tuna sandwich on wholemeal baguette for dinner today. Breakfast was scone! Tomorrow breakfast will be cranberry scone again! But as you know, I’m a HUGE bread lover. I can eat bread all day long!

The sister had the Curried Pumpkin with Crab soup and it was unique. She chose that because  she was on a diet and the soup was only 168 calories.

Although I would think that the soups served at Cedele are definitely yummier but they have pretty limited choices at the Cedele Rail Mall branch I frequent. I like the Chunky Beef Stew and Pumpkin soup served at Cedele. But otherwise, I would think that the soup varieties at Soup Spoon are outstanding. Very interesting combination of ingredients in the soups! There are so many I would love to try. And it’s a healthy meal option. So why not? My verdict? I’ll be back, for more.


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