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360: Cedele (VivoCity)

I went for the pre-employment checkup today and it was alright. Went there alone because it was hard arranging a time with the other batchmates. The doctors there were very nice and they were all so curious what job I was going for. Had a nice short chit-chat with them where we talked a bit about my course, jobs market for my profession etc. And yes, I had to draw blood again! A whole Vacutainer full of blood! I had my blood drawn from my left arm just yesterday for the Hep B antibody assay. And today, I had blood drawn from my right arm for the blood test or FBC. I didn’t expect a blood test. But anyway, the venipuncture today was painful! He had some time locating my veins. The nurse yesterday at the school’s clinic was far more experienced cause’ the venipuncture was not at all painful. She was commenting yesterday that I had ‘good’ veins. Had countless of jabs and blood drawn by her and it’s always been a breeze! Haha I love that nurse cause’ she’s always so nice and motherly and chatty.

Anyway, after the medical checkup, I was craving for Cedele’s sandwiches or soup or soup from Soup Spoon. Plus, I wanted to do some shopping at F21 and Uniqlo so I hopped down to VivoCity, which was pretty near to the medical clinic. I finally decided on Cedele because I’m a huge fan of Cedele. Soup Spoon can wait, another time perhaps?

I ordered another vegetarian burger/sandwich. Was planning to eat the usual Beetroot Avocado sandwich but they didn’t have it at the VivoCity branch. Or try the apple pumpkin soup. But in the end, I decided on the Totally Veggie Grilled Tofu sandwich. I’ve been wanting to try a tofu burger/sandwich for ages. And I love tofu. So this was the most obvious choice.

From Cedele’s website:

*Totally Veggie Grilled Tofu
This home-made grilled tofu burger is a light treat with fresh tomatoes & lettuce. A great vegetarian favourite!

I had it on my favourite usual golden pumpkin bread again. And I must say, the burger was not bad! The tofu patty consists of yellow beans, onion, garlic and tofu. It was a very unique blend, I must say. I like the tofu patty. There was a very generous (yes, humongous!) spread of mustard on the bread as well. I’m pretty alright with mustard. But people who don’t like mustard SHOULD tell them to skip the mustard or cut down on the mustard spread.

Oh yes, I dined alone at Cedele today. Usually, when I’m out alone, meals would be very fast and convenient meals like breads or buns from bakeries, on the go. I rarely do sit down and have a proper meal when I’m out alone. And at the beginning of this year, there was a campaign in my school to encourage people to eat alone. See the Straits Time article here. Seriously, what is wrong with eating alone? In the past, I didn’t dare to eat alone and was very conscious of myself when I’m alone and how others might perceive me to be. But it’s perfectly alright now. I’ve eaten alone in university when I’m early for classes etc. I’ve eaten alone when I was having my internship because it was hard to meet up with my other friends when we have different lunch hours. With a good book, or the very useful iPhone, eating alone is fun! I actually enjoy people watching as well. (:


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