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363: Shopping Haul at Fairprice Finest Bukit Timah

After baking the scones, I decided I wanted to ‘get out’ of the house. Although the weather out there was terribly hot, I decided to brave the hot scorching sun to do some ‘marketing’ at Fairprice Finest Bukit Timah.

Here’s what I got!

(From left, clockwise): Carman’s Dark Chocolate Cranberry and Almond Muesli bars, Carman’s Yoghurt Apricot and Almond muesli bars, Taiwanese Kyoho grapes, fresh Arugula (wild rocket) from Australia, fresh chicken thigh meat

I’ve decided that lunch tomorrow will be grilled teriyaki chicken thigh on a bed of fresh Arugula! I’m trying to attempt the Mcdonald’s Chicken McGrill salad! I haven’t tried that before but the pictures on the adverts look super good. And yes, Kyoho grapes! They’re in season so I had to get one of these boxes. Love the sweet wine taste of the grapes (plus they taste like japanese gummies). And I had NO IDEA Carman’s have two new versions of their muesli bars. I used to have a Carman’s muesli bar in my bag when I go for classes in uni. So when I’m hungry, I can just unwrap the bar and pop them into my tummy. The Yoghurt and Dark Chocolate versions look so good only because yoghurt and dark chocolates are just two of my favourites! So I got them!

Hehe! Washed Kyoho grapes for tea! 🙂 Yummy yummy!

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