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364: Emotions, High.

After attending two rallies by two different opposition parties over the past few days and seeing fellow Singaporeans getting so fired up and emotional at these rallies and even on different social media platforms like facebook, I find myself getting all worked up too. I see myself not getting their points, not being able to relate to what the opposition proposes. I find that sometimes, they are just picking nitty gritty issues (seriously?) just to smear the names of the other party.

I haven’t found a party that can shut me up with their feasible and logical arguments on why I should vote for them. Because apparently, I’m sick of all those talk about wanting a voice for themselves. I’m sick about them saying that if you should vote for them, they will be YOUR voice. And I see people pledging their support for the opposition because they want a voice, for themselves. I wonder if they are just being self-centered here. They just want a voice to tell the government what they need and what they want. I see themselves wallowing in self-pity, blaming the government for the state they are in, demanding more help and assistance (Yes, but I do admit that there are some who are being forced to, by circumstance and they really have no choice). But really, I think for the bulk of them (those displeased with the current PAP government), you need to help yourselves first. You cannot expect the government to wipe your asses after your business? You cannot blame PAP for your lowly income, you cannot blame PAP for everything bad that befalls you. You got to help yourself first. You cannot expect the government to spoonfeed you and give you the help you need, because you want it and you need it.

This is but one of the many thoughts that ran through my head while I was standing in the wet muddy fields, listening to the rally speeches of the two opposition parties.

As for Aljunied GRC, it’s a close fight. As the sister puts it, either way, there’s going to be a loss of talent. I see very promising candidates in the opposition party representing Aljunied GRC. But in PAP, there’s our Foreign Minister George Yeo and his team of equally promising candidates.

This is but my two cents’ worth. I haven’t found an opposition party that can shut me up with their proposals. Sure, the PAP has made mistakes. But you don’t just focus on the mistakes, look at what good they have done for Singapore the past many years. As we lead our mundane life, often oblivious to everything that goes around us, we are often oblivious to what goes on behind the scene to make Singapore the city we live in. Don’t dismiss all the hard work by harping on the same issue over and over again. Sure, I do agree that moving forward, PAP needs to change. Foreign Minister George Yeo did mention that PAP needs to be transformed, it needs to learn to listen more to the voices of the people.

This may be my first time voting. I may be young but I’m not immature, I’m not apathetic. I may not have lived many years on the surface of this Earth, but I’m aware. I’m aware of what goes on around me. I know what I want.

And I suppose, it’s obvious who gets my vote in this General Elections. Well, these are all but my two cents’ worth. I just heard Foreign Minister George Yeo’s rally speech today and I felt really sad. I don’t wish to lose my Foreign Minister. He’s one of the few PAP ministers whom I like because he struck me as a very down-to-earth and humble man. So Aljunied GRC, Singapore, please vote wisely. I’m going to be so sad if PAP loses Aljunied because that means Singapore will lose George Yeo as her Foreign Minister. In George we trust!

Tomorrow’s cooling day and Saturday (May the 7th) is elections day! Please vote wisely, Singapore.

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