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373: Provence (Vivo City)

Other than the usual milk pan, I bought the pafu pafu wolfberry cream cheese bread to try.

It was nice, but nothing spectacular. A little disappointing that I only spotted a few (3?) wolfberries in the bread. And yes, how expensive can wolfberries be? The quality can be quite inconsistent sometimes. For example, the milk pan at the different Provence outlets can have differing quality and amount of milk custard within. I would VERY much prefer the raisin cream cheese bread from Barcook bakery instead. The only limitation is the distance of the few outlets of Barcook bakery (all situated in the town/city area) from home. Think I would stick to my milk pan from Provence instead!

Chanced upon this japanese website with many many recipes of breads (japanese-style), cakes and cookie! So tempting! Would love to try out baking some nice japanese bread soon! (:

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