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376: Inarizushi いなり寿司

Prepared this for lunch! Inarizushi! Sushi rice in tofu pouches!

Prepared an ugly rilakkuma version of Inarizushi for the younger sister who loves rilakkuma. Haha it’s kind of my first attempt at making character bentos.

But other than that, I thought the Inarizushi was really yummy! I followed the recipe from my favourite youtube cooking channel “Cooking With Dog”. Mixed the seasoned sushi rice with carrot, dried shitake mushrooms and sesame seeds before stuffing them into the tofu pouches!

Anyway, I’m going to attempt the agedashi tofu recipe also from “Cooking With Dog” for dinner today because I’m tasked to prepare two dishes for dinner today. Of which, I have to finish using the celery and the tofu. So it’s stir-fry celery (with carrot and shrimps) and agedashi tofu!


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