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379: Cheesecake Cocoa Brownies

I saw these cheesecake brownies on The Way It Crumbles and was instantly drawn to it! They were so beautiful and so fudgey! It’s actually my first attempt at this recipe and also, a cocoa brownies (no chocolates involved). The cocoa brownies recipe was from the Best Cocoa Brownies recipe, adapted from Alice Mendrich’s Bittersweet. It’s the famous recipe that many bloggers online stand by! It’s really really awesome! I tried one tiny slice and oh my god, it’s so sticky, chewy, fudgey, rich and chocolatey! It’s my definition of the perfect brownie texture! Who knows that even without chocolates, you can have such rich chocolatey goodness! I was a little afraid that the amount of sugar used would be crazily too much but I guess you need some of those sweetness to counter the bitter cocoa powder. The brownie wasn’t overly sweet and the sweetness was just perfect. The cheesecake layer was adequately ‘tart’ and my tastebuds think the sweetness was just nice as well. This is definitely the recipe to keep! Alright, it’s currently my favourite brownie recipe because it’s so yummy plus I have all the ingredients ever ready in my kitchen so it’s really convenient to just bake them!

So head over to The Way It Crumbles for the full recipe of the cheesecake brownies and admire those beautiful pictures! I was in a rush so I merely took some photos with the iPhone and I think they’re presentable enough (?). Haha! I actually baked the brownies a tad longer because even after 20-25 minutes (as stipulated by the recipe), my brownies weren’t set yet. So I actually baked the brownies for 35 minutes and left them in the oven (with door ajar) for about 10 minutes. So the baking time will depend on the oven! My oven’s getting a little cranky with age! I will love to own one of those Borsch conventional ovens with those beautiful stainless steel rims, clear shiny extra large glass window and those cool electronic display! Haha but that’s a distant dream because one of those would costs a few thousands.

Anyway, I’m going to bring them for the chalet later! (: Hope the friends will like them! ARGHHH the weather is so so so so so hot, the sun is just awful and terrible and I really don’t wish to leave the house in such a weather. But I have to. ARGHHH!

Edit: The friends really liked the brownies a lot! I am so so glad! They finished quite a lot! And I brought some for the cousins and the aunt too. The cute little one ate it so well and even told me that it’s really nice! The aunt even praised that the brownies were really nice! I’m so happy! Lalalalaaa~ Haha!


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