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381: Flying Off Soon!

In 12 hours, I’ll be in the plane and flying off to Hong Kong! I should be excited and all but I’m not! Maybe it’s the stress and all! I did the planning for the 5D4N that we will be in HK and Macau! I have to ensure that we do not get lost! Mum and sis are relying on me since Dad’s not joining us this time round! And it’s my first time in HK and Macau! Spent many crazy hours at the computer planning and I get so frustrated when nobody appreciates what I do! The sis wants her way, she wants to dine at this famous HK eatery etc. Fine, we can do so. No problem here. But giving me her crappy work (she planned one of the days) that I had to add stuff in later on just to make sure we do not lose our ways! And she had to make her point that she did up that Excel spreadsheet! Fine, she did something! But I hate it when you sleep half the day away and I’m done with planning (and going crazy reading all the maps) and you start throwing me new things to do AGAIN! Arggggghhhh!!!


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