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383: Paper Sponge Cake

I’m thankful that the angioedema due to my allergic response to aspirin subsided pretty quickly. When I woke up this morning, the swelling in the right lower eyelid was gone. Thankfully! It was pretty uncomfortable having this tiny bump under my right eye. No more puffy goldfish. As for now, the next time someone asks if I’ve any drug allergy, it’ll be Aspirin. Daddy is allergic to Aspirin and NSAIDS too. At least, I’m putting what I’ve learnt in school to good use now. Haha! (:

Anyway, with just 1 and a half weeks left before work officially starts, I have to play to my heart’s content. The irritating thing is that I’ve to attend a 3 full day First Aid course next week so that means with 3 days gone, I’ve only 1 week left to the start of work (and yes, downhill from then on).

I’ve decided to bake paper sponge cake today, using the recipe from Happy Flour.

The sponge cake was lovely, it was really light and fluffy within. And cheap thrill! I love the top browned crust, that’s a little crispy. This is a very light cake! If not for my personal self-restraint, I believe anyone can devour a few at a go. It’s healthy too, since there’s no use of butter at all.

Head over to Happy Flour for the recipe!


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