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384: Pizza Hut and Salted Caramel

Had pizza hut with the friends last evening! Other than pizza, I decided to try something different this time round. I ordered the Cheez Shroomies Wrap, it’s a baked tortilla wrap filled with mushrooms, cheese and onions, served with waffle fries and mesclun salad. It was pretty delicious! The tortilla wrap was crisp and the insides were just warm and cheesy. The mushrooms were oozing out juices and when mixed with the soft chewy mozzarella cheese, it’s a perfect match!


And we headed down to Salted Caramel along Upper Thomsom Road for some ice-cream. It’s another of those ice-cream specialty stores and I tried their Earl Grey ice-cream. I haven’t bought and eaten ice-cream for ages only because now that I own an ice-cream machine, I can easily churn out unique ice-cream flavours as and when I wished to. But well, I decided to give their Earl Grey ice-cream a try only because it’s pale cream in colour. Mine’s medium brown in colour, from infusing the teabags for at least an hour. Their Earl Grey taste wasn’t as distinct and strong as mine but it was adequate. It wasn’t overly milky as well. Well, it’s probably time for me to experiment with different kinds and brands of Earl Grey tea and different custard base recipes!


Salted Caramel was quite packed on a weekday night, with many groups of young people (probably students from secondary to tertiary institutions?) gathering there for late night ice-cream treats. Their service was pretty okay, at least they did smile and say their “Thank You”s. I was pretty disappointed and disgusted by a particular ice-cream store’s service time and again that I vow never to patronize them again. They have outlets near my place and we use to frequent them quite a bit in the past. But not anymore. And I must commend Salted Caramel for their generous servings! It’s one of the cheapest artisan ice-cream I’ve eaten in a while ($2.50 per scoop) and for that, they give you such a humongous scoop! Totally worth it! (:



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