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387: Back in a While

It’s been really monotonous. Life is. I’ve been going through the cycle of work-home-study-sleep-work-home-study-sleep pattern the past many days. Given that Saturday is also burnt out because more than half the day will be at work, my only rest day is Sunday. And on Sunday, I forsee that I’ll have to read up on topics and start preparing for discussions for the following week, do something about my project and do up the requirements I’ll have to fulfill for the learning log. It’s a lot to handle. And after work on weekdays, I’m so tired that sometimes I don’t feel like doing anything. But I have to drag myself up and out to do MORE reading up. Even the time spent travelling (on the bus) isn’t spared because more often, I feel compelled to flip through pages of my BNF or my notes.

Anyway, I’m so craving for char siew pau from Lin Heung Tea House and Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong, egg tarts from Tai Cheong Bakery in Hong Kong, custard bun (流沙包) from Maria’s Bakery in Hong Kong, portuguese egg tarts and macanese pork chop buns from from Macau. I haven’t blogged about the food in Hong Kong! That will be up soon, when I have the time. And also some random food I tried during the holidays, which I have yet to post up too. Soon, soon!(:

I am into my second week of work and work is tiring me out. For now, it’s pretty mundane since we are new and all and we are expected to ‘learn the ropes’. So for now, I’m doing all the ‘behind the scenes’ job. I’m hoping that with time, when we actually get to do the ‘actual’ work, it will be much much more fun! It’s going to be a lot more learning then but I’m all ready to face the challenges! We learn along the way. My profession is all about learning, continuous learning, continuous education.

As much as I would love to ransack the kitchen to bake, I can’t seem to find the time to do so. Mondays to Saturdays are all burnt out. Sundays are for more studying and reading up, hardly much rest. ARGHH I want to start baking and cooking again!


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