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392: Life is a Funny Creature

They say the blessed and the good will have things in their way and that the stars will guide them. Life is really a funny creature. I cannot agree less. Never would I imagine that I would be that brave to take this step forward. I have no idea what I’m going to do or what the future awaits. But all I know is that at this very moment, I need to seize the moment. There’s really no harm trying. At the very most, we fall and we cry but at the end of the day, we’ll stand back right up on our feet again, stronger than ever.

Life is a funny creature. I would totally never expect this coming my way at all. I have no idea. I’ve been living in oblivion all this while. I’m wondering when this started. I’ve been living my life as I wished for it to be, smiling through ordeals, braving through storms, grasping tightly onto friendship and kinship as if they were my life and all I need to breathe and live on.

Never would I expect that the stars would answer my prayers. They say the good will triumph. And I hope so. Life is truly a funny creature. The twists in life are really unexpected. If only anyone had known.

For now, I’m just going with the flow. I have no idea what awaits me. For now, I don’t wish to think too much or too far ahead. Nothing is set in stone yet. Everything’s still indefinite. I don’t wish to think of all the complications that may follow, what others may say or think of me. I’ll just get through this week and we’ll see how about it. Alrights?

Life is funny.


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