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407: It’s Only Life

By Kate Voegele

Tears are forming in your eyes
A storm is warning in the sky

The end of the world it seems
You bend down and you fall on your knees
Well get back on your feet yeah

Don’t look away
Don’t run away
Hey baby it’s only life
Don’t lose your faith
Don’t run away
Hey baby its only life
Yea it’s only life

You were always playing hard
Never could let down your guard

But you can’t win
If you never give in
To that voice within
Saying pick up your chin
Baby let go of it


Take your hesitance
And your self-defense
Leave them behind, it’s only life
Don’t be so afraid
Of facing everyday
Just take your time, it’s only life
I’ll be your stepping-stone
No, don’t be so alone
Just hold on tight, it’s only life


One response

  1. iamrina

    Hmm I can’t remember which brand of wheatgerm I bought but I bought it at the organic food section of my local supermarket. As for wholemeal bread, I get them off the shelves at my local supermarket. I usually go for Gardenia’s Original Wholemeal bread loaf! It’s in green and transparent wrapping! Slightly different from the common usual wholemeal bread from Gardenia or Sunshine, these are denser and full of wheatgerm and wheatbran goodness! HTH!

    August 21, 2011 at 5:39 pm

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