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419: This Was Lunch!

I know how terribly unhealthy this lunch is. It’s totally breakfast/tea food. It’s totally just carbs (from the lone scone) and sugars and sugar and sugars (from the jam and the kiwi)! AHHHHHHH! :O The parents are away for their usual weekend ‘date’ and the sister is away in Batam for a weekend getaway (which I’m really really envious of). So silly me decided to just have a lone raisin scone (I got from Swissbake yesterday) and a golden kiwi for lunch. The kiwi came with a cute green spoon. There are two ends to it. You slice the kiwi into half using the knife edge and scoop the flesh with the spoon end. Anyway, my lunch’s just plain lazy and unhealthy. But it’s alright, at least, I made up for it by having my many servings of vegetables during weekday lunches at my favourite 菜饭stall at work. I’m always going vegetarian. Haha! 🙂




Can’t help lazing in on a Sunday afternoon. It’s been a while since I’ve the entire house to myself to create havoc in. And YES, the kitchen is all mine to create a mess in (till the next post)!

The lone scone and the sweet Vitamin C-rich golden kiwi made me happy. And yes, coupled with two full 1L bottles of water to drive the flu bug away. Shooo!:)


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