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423: Bad Day

Tis’ a bad day today. Was feeling much better this morning when I woke up but by mid-morning, I was in a terrible shape. The flu has gone full blown. Throbbing headache, feeling the chills, my nose was practically running and (blocked at times) and I could barely speak. Had to dispense behind the mask and it was really hard. Found it so hard to smile too. I’m terribly sorry to my patients, I did my best.

Plus, I met with a really sticky case before I ended work today. Well, it involved a very notorious prescriber and it didn’t help that I was at the frontline. I was the dispenser and that notorious prescriber stomped down thereafter. Had earlier on consulted my fellow colleagues and my bosses about the case and we all had a common agreement. So when he stomped down, I was lucky to have my boss handle the case with me. Our conscience is clear and we did what we thought was right. Anyway, he’s pretty notorious amongst us all. So was so cute when all the PTs and my colleagues were so concerned about me and the case after that. He probably knows me and my name by now, definitely not in a good way. Haha! But my conscience is clear, I did what I thought was right and my colleagues were all behind me. After all, the audit is near and this just isn’t good practice. Although feeling wrongful, we just have to apologise to end the whole case peacefully. AHHH!

So it’s a bad day today. Tomorrow will be a better one. The terrible headache that plagued me the whole of today is stil terrorising me now. Off to sleep the pain away! 😦

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